Referral for x-ray exams

Dear colleagues
In order provide you with additional support, Zehm Dental Suisse offers the possibility of referring your patients to us for the following x-ray exams:

  • Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)
  • Jaw joint imagery (TMG)
  • Sinus imagery (PA)
  • Teleradiography lateral imagery (FRS)
  • Orthopantomography (OPT)


  • download the referral form
  • fax the filled out form to the number 033 748 3793 or send it via post or e-mail
  • we contact your patient to set up an appointment
  • your patient’s image data and findings will be sent to you either as a high quality printout or in electronic form on a mobile data medium (CD with integrated viewer program) via post

Indications for DVT according to X-ray regulations (RöV)

  • before the removal of wisdom teeth
  • evaluation of the maxillary sinus and all connected paranasal sinuses
  • dentoalveolar pathological changes (e.g. cysts, parodontal and periapical lesions)
  • evaluation of form and anomalies of presentation of teeth and their relation to neighboring structures (dental roots, maxillary and paranasal sinuses, nerve paths)
  • Odontogenic tumors, bone pathology and bone structure anomalies, especially together with ostitis, osteomyelitis and osteoporosis.
  • salivary calculus
  • jaw joint diseases
  • tooth and jaw facial traumatology
  • oral and facial implantology (metric assessment of planned implant location)


According to the currently valid recommendations of the Swiss Dentists Society (SSO), 100 tax points for a DVT, including findings, and for a FRS or OPT 45 tax points each, with a Tax point being billed at a tax point value of 3.75.

Referral Form