Airbag for your Smile

To a certain degree, children and athletes have much in common: they are very active, run, jump and collide with other players in various competitive sports. The whole body is exposed to jarring and shocks. In many types of sports, for example in skiing, ice hockey, field hockey, inline skating or basketball, falls occur routinely. Whereas elbows, shins and the head are often protected in various ways, almost no one thinks about what can happen to the teeth.

And this is where the dentist and his laboratory can be helpful: Athletic mouth protectors that originated in boxing have become prevalent. They are available in many trendy colors and patterns or may even be produced with team logos or names. As opposed to those which are commercially available, a protector specially produced for your mouth has various advantages:
Because of its better fit, the energy in case of an impact is optimally distributed, which means that the impact can be better deflected. Furthermore, the gums and lips are better protected and there are no painful and annoying pressure points. The optimal strength of the material used chosen corresponds to the particular kind of sport being played.

An athletic mouth protector is a much better solution than a tooth replacement for the retention of your smile and to keep you from being toothless!