A big Heart for our “little” Patients

Many people have feelings of fear before a visit to the dentist because they have had bad childhood experiences at the dentist. For this reason, it is especially important to offer children a relaxed atmosphere so that fear of the dentist and his or her work has no chance of developing at all.

A good opportunity presents itself when you have a checkup or dental cleaning appointment with us. At the end of your treatment your child can have a chance to sit in the examination chair and to hold a dental mirror in his or her mouth. In this way many children lose their initial fear of contact when they later come themselves for appointments.

Pediatric dental care mainly has to do with prophylaxis, nutritional consulting and the timely recognition of congenital tooth damage and tooth placement. Regular checkups and sensible eating habits as well as appropriate dental care can usually prevent premature loss of baby teeth or permanent teeth needing to be filled during childhood.

Even though the baby teeth fall out after a “short time” and are replaced by the permanent teeth, they are very important as placeholders for the permanent teeth and assist in the speech development of your child.

In addition we are happy to advise you regarding:

As soon as the first baby tooth is visible in the mouth we recommend cleaning it with a small Q-tip or small toothbrush. More about this topic can be found under Kids.