The Revolution in Radiography

Today, digital radiography is becoming more and more prevalent. With digital radiography the x-ray images (radiographs) are available in digital form to aid diagnostics just a few seconds after the images are made. Repeated image taking, and thus additional exposure to x-rays can be avoided as the images may be reworked using digital techniques. Furthermore, the radiographs no longer get lost. Depending on the digital radiography equipment, it is often the case that less radiation is necessary to produce an image. In this way the patient is subject to a much reduced dosage.

With the assistance of digital volume tomography (DVT) the mouth, jaw and facial region can be realistically modeled. This procedure is the basis for rapid and gentle diagnostics in modern dentistry. In this way, the necessary diagnostic security for a complete and successful treatment can be assured.

For example, all the different x-rays necessary for orthodontic corrections can be produced in our practice. Inconvenient referrals are not required.