How do I prepare my child for a visit to the dentist?

The earlier you begin to discuss the topic “dental appointment” with your child, the better. Our experience shows that children that already know something about the subject from their parents are much more relaxed in the way they deal with a visit to the dentist.
Please remember that modern dental therapies are almost always painless. In talks with your child about a dental visit please avoid words like “fear” or “pain”. If you, for example, say “That won’t hurt at all“, your child will probably say in return that there must be a catch in the statement and that he or she probably will have to deal with pain. In another situation in daily, you will certainly never find a waiter in a restaurant that says to you, “The food will certainly not taste bad.”

Here is a list of various book recommendations that will help you to familiarize your child with the dentist and his work.

Have fun reading!

Ich habe eine Freudin, die ist Zahnärztin
Ralf Butschkow
Carlsen Verlag Gmbh

ISBN 978-3-551-08812-3
Emil geht zum Zahnarzt
Antje Bostelmann, Benjamin Bell
Bananenblau Verlag

ISBN 978-3-942334-13-6
Blitzblank sind alle meine Zähne
Sandra Grimm, Andrea Hebrock
Arena Verlag GmbH

ISBN 978-3-401-09177-8